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Nadja Rossato

Nadja Rossato is from Passo Fundo, and studied fine arts at university at UPF. Although always very creative, Nadja first wanted to be an architect, but at the time, she faced her father's disapproval with her first choice. The episode made her discover that her future really lay in the arts, and like so many artists, this was a case of art choosing the artist. Even as a child, Nadja's teachers at school were delighted with her drawings and portraits of classmates made on the back of the test sheets. Nadja Rossato has always been very versatile as an artist, working with different techniques such as oil, acrylic on canvas, watercolor, porcelain, ceramics and lithography. The various supports took his art to many countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. One of the highlights of Nadja's career is her solo exhibition at the Embassy of Brazil in London, one of the most celebrated of all times at the embassy's art gallery, also her exhibition at the Notting Hill Arts Club was of great notability.... After developing a successful career, Nadja started a new path including her daughter Clarissa Rossato da Cruz, a specialist in the luxury market, who has worked in London for most of her career, and after more than 20 years working with the most important fashion houses and high jewelry, turned its gaze once again to retail, but now creating objects of daily use such as mugs, bags and also beautiful clothes, using the images of her mother's exclusive and colorful works of art, the brand call ArtNadja.

Another of the most important moments in the career of Nadja, who already works with applied art, is the incredible collaboration with the British artist Debbie Wingham, and her sensational show in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, a moment that definitely cemented the work of the ArtNadja brand in fashion, and gave the determination to bring Nadja's art to many more people, which is the main intention of the business she created. It is also essential to mention the philanthropic arm of ArtNadja that created ArtAid to help the most vulnerable communities in the city of Passo Fundo, creating masks to be distributed and also exchanged for non-perishable food. Through this attitude, they managed to change the reality of many families during the pandemic and still continue with the campaign for those who also want to help. The pandemic was a great opportunity for reflection and inspiration. Nadja likes to observe different people and their daily lives, and this has been translated into works in different formats.

The year started with news and a new venture, Nadja's daughter Clarissa is also involved in the film industry and it is here that Nadja's work will be shown next. Clarissa, is an English coach and also helps the art and costume departments at Ruschel Studios, a Brazilian film production company. Lithograph, watercolor, and acrylic on canvas works, as well as an ArtNadja costume will be seen in a Brazilian-American production that hits Netflix and Amazon at the end of the second half of 2022. In addition to entering the world of cinema this year, Nadja Rossato is an increasingly strong name in the luxury market, as her works were used to assemble the 1 Million Euro Maritime Mural in Puerto Banús, Spain. Alongside the multi-talented Debbie Wingham, Nadja's work was applied to the mural and presented alongside big names such as The Beatles and luxury brands such as Ferrari, Samsung and Cartier were also participating in the project and are now part of the collection of achievements and achievements of the artist. Many wonderful paths are being consolidated for Nadja, and we still have much more to see from her art and her ArtNadja brand.

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